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We are committed to ensuring that the academic, emotional, and social needs of all scholars are met at Community Partnership Lower School. We currently offer a variety of intervention and Special Education services. Our intervention program follows the multi-tiered approach associated with Response-to- Intervention (RtI). Our school relies on a scholar study team and an inquiry-based model including an analysis of assessments, attendance records, behavior, performance tests, progress reports, and report cards to determine how we can provide optimal instruction to scholars. Within the classroom, we rely on small group instruction that is delivered by the two classroom teachers assigned to the scholars. Outside of the classroom, scholars receive small group instruction enabling them to focus on a variety of intervention strategies for literacy and math. Additionally, teachers receive weekly intervention tips from the Special Education Coordinator appearing in the staff newsletter.


At Community Partnership Charter Lower School we also have a range of Special Education services for scholars. Scholars receive counseling, Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS), occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language therapy. Counseling is delivered both individually and within a group. Depending on their needs, scholars may receive counseling from our guidance counselor as well as outside counseling services. SETSS is offered for both Literacy and Math instruction. Scholars work on activities that are an extension of their classroom curricular content. Instruction is goal-oriented and intended to meet scholars’ diverse needs. Occupational therapy is provided through a voucher system allowing scholars to
visit an offsite provider. Individual physical therapy is also supplied for our scholars. Speech and language therapy is given on both an individual and group basis for scholars within our Intervention Suite.


Teachers have been trained in identifying the components of an IEP and using its contents to modify instruction for scholars. Upcoming trainings will review further information about testing accommodations for local and state assessments. Teacher surveys have helped us to identify other workshop topics such as differentiating lessons for scholars with special needs and locating resources for classroom interventions. Over the course of the academic year, teachers will receive more training about a host of other special education related topics. Our aim is to ensure that we are all equipped with the necessary skills to assist our scholars in excelling academically and achieving maximum personal growth.