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CPCSEC Family Handbook 2019-20

Click here to download the CPCSEC Family Handbook for 2019-20.


Not sure what a Bar Model is? Watch this helpful video

January 20, 2015

Bar models help to make solving story problems easier!


States of Matter Song for early elementary students

January 13, 2015

Watch this fun video with your children so they can remember the 3 different states of matter: solids, liquids and gases.


Use our anchor charts for help at home

November 25, 2014

Our classrooms are full of resources that can aide you at home with your child. Click on the link for the CPCS Anchor Chart website to see examples of how we teach certain skills and strategies here at school. 


Fraction Videos

November 24, 2014

4th Grade Parents! Watch this video about adding and subtracting mixed numbers with like denominators. 4th graders are starting a unit on fractions and mixed numbers, so check back here for more resources to help with homework.


High School Admissions Resource

October 20, 2014

Be sure to follow Ms. Clore's blog: High School Choice: 2014-2015 High School Admissions Resources for the CPCMS Community, for many resources about getting your middle school scholar into the high school of their choice.


CPCS Young Artists: Art Studio Blog

October 16, 2014

Check out this Tumblr page for student art workhttp://cpcsyoungartists.tumblr.com/


Number Bonds

October 16, 2014

First Grade Families, watch this helpful video for an explanation about number bonds.


Singapore Math Resources

October 16, 2014

Watch this helpful video about the background behind the math curriculum used at the lower school.