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Ms. Moore, 7th-8th Grade


Ms. Moore earned a Bachelors of Science in Biophysical Kinesiology from the University of Maryland in 2000 and then spent the next five years traveling the world as a professional high diving pirate and circus performer. She then transitioned from performer to coach to teacher, using the skills she learned on stage and as a diving coach to engage learners. She made a full shift from pool deck to classroom in 2005,  where she taught high school Biology and Forensic science. Her curiosity in how humans learn skills and information turned into a quest for the best teaching methods.


After teaching high school Biology and Forensic Science, her interest in Ironman distance triathlons took her to Arlington, Virginia, where she decided her teaching talents would be best served at the middle school level.  She found her sweet spot working with 7th and 8th graders and has been teaching middle school science ever since. Ms. Moore has served as teacher at CPCS for three of her seven years at the school.  She has also been the director of our science fairs.


Ms. Moore has a passion for sports that turn you upside down.  Her varsity diving at the University of Maryland segued into a tenure as a National Champion trampolinist, trapeze artist, and as a professional international high diving pirate. She spends her non-classroom time teaching her own three children how to flip and swing through life.


Through our various community partnerships, Ms. Moore loves to connect students with the unlimited resources New York has to offer.  From field trips to science guest speakers to field-labs to gather data, her students will tell you that she makes science real and relevant to them.  She has connected CPCS students with the JOIDES Revolution, the research vessel studying materials from the mass extinction event in the Yucatan.  Her students interview scientists twice a year via Skype calls from Mexico and Germany.  Her goal is to send her students to high school prepared with renewed curiosity and questioning techniques that will dazzle their 9th grade teachers.