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Ms. Biggs, 6th Grade 


Ms. Tiffany Biggs was born and raised in St. Andrew, Jamaica. There she attended two well established institutions, St. Hugh’s High School and The Mico University. Her  accomplishments were paramount at both institutions. Coming from a family background of  many teachers, she was motivated to follow in their footsteps. Ms. Biggs holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physics and Mathematics and was awarded a trophy for The Most Innovative Student during her college years.


Ms. Biggs sets very high expectations for her scholars and believes her experience as a teacher has equipped her to face the challenges ahead . Ms. Biggs has spent most of her years teaching at the grade seven level but also has experience teaching grade eight, nine and ten at Dinthill Technical High School. She also lectured Statistics at Moneague Teachers’ College in Jamaica. She enjoys using aspects of the performing arts such as dance, drama and singing to help students overcome difficulties in Mathematics. It is her hope to make an indelible mark on the students at Community Partnership Charter School, where she currently works as the 7th grade Math teacher.

Ms. Jacque, 6th Grade


Seeking to put in place a plan for better learning through interaction and learning aids, Jonelle’s desire to teach stems from her being a second generation teacher; her mother is a retired teacher. Teaching todays’ student mathematics and science means preparing them to succeed in life and function at their best in a continually changing world. Teaching at Community Partnership Charter School, allows Jonelle to do just that, as she nurtures her students’ talent to creatively solve problems and explore and develop their own critical ways of thinking.


Jonelle Jacque is an accomplished, qualified and talented educator with a passion for learning. She graduated from the University of Guyana with a B.Sc. in Computer Science. After graduation Jonelle taught at her alma mater, the New Amsterdam Multilateral School. During her tenure there she boosted her skill set with a Certificate in Education Management from the Ministry of Education in collaboration with NCERD - National Centre for Education Research and Development and graduated top of the Class of 2010 in the country.


Jonelle and her family moved to Brooklyn, New York in May 2013 and since thene she has been steadfast in her desire to continue working as an educator. An avid reader and dramatist, Jonelle loves to travel and spend time with her family.


With the everchanging advancements in the way we do things today, when compared to twenty or thirty years ago, there is a heavier reliance on Mathematics and Science. Jonelle’s mission is to work with teenagers continually enagaging them in  STEM as she teaches them the importance of Science and Mathematics in a world that is continuously changing.

Mr. DePena, 8th Grade 


Biography coming soon...

Mr. Stutt


Mr. Stutt is looking forward to his third year at Community Partnership Charter Middle School. This year he will be a part of the Supporting Services Team helping scholars in 5th - 8th grade who might benefit from additional support in math. Additionally, Mr. Stutt will again be running the Investment Club; an elective where scholars learn about Wall St, finance and how businesses work. Students will compete in a national investment competition called The Stock Market Game. Hopefully, our students will replicate last year’s success and earn our second invitation to participate in The Capitol Hill Challenge, an invitation only investment competition that includes almost five thousand of our nation’s top middle schools, high schools and colleges.


Mr. Stutt earned a BS in  Finance from the University of Vermont in 1984 and then pursued a career in finance, the last twenty years of which as an institutional bond salesperson with Goldman Sachs before “retiring” in 2007 to spend more time with his family and to pursue philanthropic interests in education.


Mr. Stutt accepted an opportunity to serve as a Trustee and Treasurer of CPCS in 2008 and at it’s inception BWCCS 2, because he believed in our founders, Joe and Carol Reich’s, commitment to provide quality education to overlooked communities while maintaining a comprehensive commitment to our families and their children. When he was asked to join the staff of CPMS two years ago, he embarked on the most challenging but rewarding phase of his professional life, “Our kids are as smart and capable as the best students in the city, they just need to believe in themselves!”