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English / Language Arts

Ms. Hunter-Bass, 7th Grade


Ms. Hunter-Bass has always had a love for literature, culture, and travel. Through this selected career path, she is able to be engulfed in these factors each and every day with her students. Middle school has always been her desired demographic because, after student teaching in multiple high schools in the city, she noticed that students were lacking foundational skills that should have been taught prior to high school. Here at CPCS, we strive to meet each student where they are and how they learn individually in order to have them each reach their best potential. Teaching here at CPCS, Ms. Hunter-Bass feels confident that when students graduate they will have a stronger grasp on foundational skills in order to be successful in the years to come.


Ms. Hunter-Bass graduated from Hunter College and received her BA in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. Ms. Hunter-Bass started at CPCS, straight out of college. She taught 5th grade ELA for two years but currently teaches 7th grade ELA. This experience allotted her to understand how to work with students transition into middle school responsibilities as well as meet the needs of students at different academic levels in her classroom. Through an engaging and warm learning environment, Ms. Hunter-Bass pushes her students to obtain their learning independence all the while exposing them to authors and writing styles they will use for many years to come.  



Ms. Soto, 6th Grade


Ms. Soto originally pursued a degree in English Literature, double majoring in English and Theatrical Direction at SUNY Binghamton. Though initially working as a preschool teacher after completing her Bachelor’s degree, she soon entered Graduate school in pursuit of her Teaching Credentials, as she wished to incorporate her love of literature into her career, earning a Post-Baccalaureate certification in the teaching of English from CUNY Queens before beginning to teach English.


Once she completed her teaching certification, she taught High School English in Brooklyn, New York, before coming to CPCS.  In her free time, she loves to take walks with her dogs and, of course, read.

She became an ELA teacher because she loves to read, and believes that literacy skills are the an essential part of a fulfilling life. She wishes to help her students develop their abilities and embrace opportunities, and enjoys sharing her passion with her students.


Ms. Soto wants to help her students develop strong literacy skills, an unquenchable desire for knowledge, and a voracious literary appetite. She hopes to spend her career sharing what she loves most, and sending her students off into the world with the skills they need to achieve their dreams and the confidence to do so  with a smile.

Ms. Gittens, 8th Grade


Bio coming soon...