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Amy Burmeister


Ms. Amy Burmeister is the Visual Art teacher at CPSC, teaching pre-K to fourth grade.  Ms. Burmeister became an art teacher to enhance student's learning by encompassing problem solving, creativity, and building self internalized work ethic within the art studio.  She has been an educator for eleven years, and has had several roles in education; she has served as an art teacher teaching grades PK-8, a Dean of School Culture, and Dean of Instruction for grades 3-5.  While still living in her home state of Michigan, Ms. Burmeister earned her Bachelors degree in Art Education from Northern Michigan University, followed by her Masters of Art Education from Wayne State University. 


Ms. Burmeister was awarded "Teacher of the Year" at her previous school, as well as "Specialist Teacher of the Year" among 80 schools in her previous schools network.  But, her greatest honor is in the display of students artwork, for all who view it to admire the  accomplishment and hard work of the young artists she teaches.  In Ms. Burmeister's free time she loves playing with her two dogs Hank and Lola, as well as creating her own illustrations and sewing crafts.  Ms. Burmeister's long term goal in visual art education is to see the scholars she has taught move on to college and careers, where they can apply and appreciate their knowledge and work ethic learned within the art studio with her.

Jayson Brown


Biography coming soon.


Hannah Epstein


Ms. Epstein finds it an honor and pleasure to teach music at CPCS. The staff and community are so supportive of our music program, which helps her make it fun and enjoyable for our students. For example, 97 of our students are going to put on a show of The Lion King KIDS in June, which is culmination of a year-long study of music, theater, movement, dance and production design. Our incredible students are so enthusiastic, energetic and talented and she is delighted to be directing our show.

Ms. Epstein has been playing music all her life. From her undergraduate studies at Swarthmore College to her current role at CPCS, she has always been passionate about the combination of music and education. Ms. Epstein previously taught at another charter school in Brooklyn and plays many instruments including piano, saxophone, guitar and clarinet. A member of the academic honors society Kappa Phi Alpha, Ms. Epstein loves doing arts and crafts and playing with her dog. Teaching at CPCS allows Ms. Epstein to work with a uniquely skilled group of students and she can't wait to show all that we have learned at our Winter and Spring sings as well as our Lion King production. 

"Playing piano because it is relaxing, rewarding and makes me a better teacher."


Dr. Abimbola Kai Lewis


Dr. Abimbola Kai-Lewis is the Special Education Coordinator at CPCS Lower School. She grew up in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn and teaches at CPCS because of her desire to promote a love for learning among students within the neighborhood. Abimbola entered the New York City Department of Education as a New York City Teaching Fellow in 2011 and has taught at schools in Brooklyn and the Bronx.


Prior to entering the field of education, Abimbola earned her B.A. in Music from Spelman College as well as her M.A. in Ethnomusicology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Most recently, she completed an M.S. in Education at Long Island University – Brooklyn and her Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology at UCLA. Abimbola served on citywide advisory councils for the New York City Department of Education. She also worked as an online facilitator for New York City Department of Education teacher training courses. She was a 2017 Summer Fellow in the New York City Writing Project’s Invitational Leadership Institute and is looking forward to further training opportunities with the organization.


Abimbola is interested in African popular music and conducts research on hip-hop music and youth culture in Botswana and South Africa. Additionally, she collaborates with New York-based emcee Chosan to investigate hip-hop music in Sierra Leonean diaspora communities. Abimbola shares her work at conferences and her writing is featured in both edited volumes and encyclopedias. Her forthcoming publications include explorations of the music of South African hip-hop collective Cashless Society and emcee Chosan.

Nicole Kidd


Biography coming soon.

Sherrice Marshall

Sherrice’s experience in the Sport’s world has taught her the importance of the three C’s to become successful, which are, Confidence, Communication, and the Core Values of sportsmanship. The core values are as follows: Be Cooperative, Be Fair, Be Gracious, Be Honorable and Be Humble. Sherrice realized that having all of these qualities embedded in your characteristic can help you reach and achieve your goals. With the support and resources that CPCS provides, Sherrice will be able to instill those very assets within our own scholar-athletes.


Sherrice attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she earned her B.A. in Psychology. She is currently enrolled at St. John's University where she is earning her M.B.A in Business and Sports Management. Sherrice is also certified in CPR/First Aid. 

After playing basketball for over ten years on the collegiate and professional level, Sherrice found a newfound sense of love within giving back to her community. Sherrice started coaching local AAU leagues, where she served as the assistant coach and head coach for many teams. At this point, Sherrice found her new calling. She fell in love with coaching and teaching scholar-athletes.


Sherrice was named MVP for a plethora of teams and has led her teams in rebounding. With her amazing career in basketball she started her own sports performance business called Elite Sports Performance, Inc., where she currently serves as the CEO and athletic trainer. 


Sherrice Marshall is an athlete. She is also an entrepreneur. Sherrice started playing basketball at the age of 10 and has not put the ball down since. She has played on numerous of teams and as well as coached numerous scholar-athletes. She decided to take her passion and construct her own sports performance business called Elite Sports Performance Inc., where she trains athletes to build on their athletic capabilities.


Through many years of rigorous training and practicing, Sherrice has learned many skills which allows her to use her athletic ability and apply that to real world situations. She has learned the importance of team work and the true definition of leadership. Sherrice uses those same qualities to instill in her scholars real life skills that can be used on and off the court. Sherrice is living her dream by becoming one of the youngest CEO's of her very own sports performance company. She one day hopes to own her own training facility.