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Phyllis Hargett


In June, 1999 Phyllis was invited to attend a meeting about a new charter school opening in the community.  After attending that meeting, she enrolled her son to start first grade at Community Partnership Charter School, and became a teacher as well.

Phyllis is well versed and teacher and early childhood education. She'll continue to educate young scholars to ensure that they'll become successful and caring members of the community. 

Aschard Turner


Aschard Turner is the Pre-Kindergarten teacher here at CPCS. She enjoys working with young children and helping them to develop into life-long learners. Mrs. Turner wants each and every child that she comes into contact with to reach his/her full potential. She believes that a strong foundation is the key to the educational success of every child.

Mrs. Turner holds a BA in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Masters in Teaching Literacy. She has worked in education for many years. Mrs. Turner has had the opportunity to work with diverse groups of children in different types of schools. She has worked in public district schools, charter schools, private and parochial schools. Her experience with teaching has allowed her to grow as an educator beyond the classroom.