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Fourth Grade

Eunice Honny


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Marjorie Taylor


Marjorie Taylor has always had a passion for working with children. After graduating from Dowling College she began her teaching profession and never looked back. With over ten years teaching experience, a Masters degree in education, and certification in early childhood education, she joined Community Partnership Charter school.  


Having the opportunity, the privilege,and honor to teach here since September of 2015, Ms. Taylor will say honestly that  Community Partnership Charter School is the school in which teachers are pushed to greatness and supported to deliver quality instruction. The future looks bright for both Marjorie and Community Partnership Charter School. Together both will catapult scholars to both academic and personal excellence!

Carine Valere


Carine believes that the tight-knit, supportive community over at CPCS is not only conducive to a child’s academic needs, but his/her socio-emotional development, as well. There is a culture at CPCS that encourages students to think creatively, work cooperatively, and persevere, despite any challenges.


Carine attended Stony Brook University, where she earned her bachelor's degree in psychology in 2010. Soon thereafter, she began working, full-time, as a paraprofessional in a kindergarten classroom. Working alongside a child with autism, and seeing the incredible progress that the child made in such a short period of time was truly life changing for her. It was then that Carine's calling to educate young minds was confirmed.


She went on, afterwards, to pursue many roles in the field of education and youth development. She worked in urban communities as a tutor, a group leader, and a youth support coach, to name a few. Prior to joining CPCS, Carine had previously taught in Harlem, as a 5th grade special education teacher. In 2017, Carine completed her master's degree in both childhood and special education from Metropolitan College of New York.


Aside from education, one of Carine's greatest passions includes making music. She has been singing from a very young age, has performed in different talent shows, and also participates in her local church choir.


Carine hopes to motivate students to reach their fullest potential by setting high expectations, and by having a whatever-it-takes attitude to ensure that students become successful learners, regardless of race, abilities, cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic class, etc.--making college not just a dream, but an attainable reality.